Correllian Departments

Outer Court – Department Head:
Rev. Harwe Tuileva 
Correllian Outer Court Department

First Degree - Department Head: Rev. Alyssa Maxon 
Correllian First Degree Department


Second Degree – Department Head: Rev. Richard Keen HP  
Correllian Second Degree Department 

Third Degree – Department Head:  Rev. Angela Munn 
High Priesthood of the Correllian Tradition

Studies and Arts Department – Department Head: Rev. Stephanie Neal

Shaman Correllian Training

Yahoo Group:

Entertainment Department – Department Head: Rev. Bradley Knebel

Chant Division, Poetry Division, Music Division

Correllian Ritual Department – Department Head: Rev. Dave Murphy

Authors’ Department 

Information Centre Department – Department Head: Rev. Laurie Denman
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Yahoo information guide group:

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Correllian Outer Court Department:  

First Degree:                          

Second Degree:

Correllian High Priesthood:

Contact information for Temples and Shrines:

Correllian Structure page: and 
Temple page

Witan Shrines

These groups are for members with either chartered bodies or certified bodies or
are registered members of the Tradition:

Correllian Outer Court:
Correllian Clergy:
Correllian Temple Heads:
Correllian Formal Shrine:
Correllian Personal Shrines: 
Correllian Orders:
Witan Council:
Witan Heralds Court:
Correllian Social Club:

Countries & Languages

Correllian Wicca Africa:
Correllian Wicca Australasia:
Correllian Wicca Austria:
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