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The Correllian Tradition also has a number of Recognized Study Groups. 

Like Personal Shrines, Study Groups are not formal bodies of the Tradition, but are independent groups run by Correllian members.

Study Groups exist to help students of Correllian Wicca join together to help one another in their studies.

Some Study Groups are sponsored by Temples or Shrines. Others are simply groups of interested people working together.

For application to start a Correllian study group please email the Witan Herald: witanherald@gmail.com

Study Groups Explained

There are two kinds of Study Groups:

Groups studying the initiatory lessons where the Keeper has completed the lessons and passed the tests and may teach those subjects to initiatory level, other subjects may also be studied.

Groups where the Keeper has not passed the tests for the subject but is using the group as a discussion group. 

A Study Group may be hosted by a Temple, Shrine or a private individual. A Keeper for an initiatory study group will need to supply proof of test passes.

To be recognized as an official Correllian Study Group, the group must be registered with the Correllian Tradition.

For an application form and information on how to start a Correllian Study Group contact the Witan Herald at witanherald@gmail.com

When you have completed your application form send it to the Witan Herald witanherald@gmail.com  with a copy of your Inner Court (Clergy) or Outer Court Certificate. You will need to also supply a list of the subjects and/or degree lessons you will be teaching or discussing depending on your type of study group.

Teaching Study Groups - Good records of all participation in your Study Group are required as a Teaching Study Group is more formal.

You will be required to supply a transcript of the students’ lesson tests and pass dates for any applications for Clergy status.

If you are only teaching the First Degree program and your students wish to go on to the Second Degree you will be required to supply proof of your students lessons and test pass dates, when they started the lessons and completed them, and when they took and passed their tests. 

You will also have to supply a recommendation for your students when they apply for Clergy status or if they apply to another group for further Degrees.

Discussion Study Groups

Discussion Study Groups as less formal that Teaching Study Groups and do not require as much record keeping. Test passes will not be part of the study group’s requirements and recommendations for members are not required from the Keeper.

Requirements for Certified Bodies - Study Groups

When your Study Group is recognised by the Correllian Tradition and you are issued with a Certificate of Recognition as a Study Group of the Tradition, you are required by your Certification to fulfil the following:

•    Keep a working email that you can be contacted on
If you update your email at any time you must inform the Witan Herald

•    Supply an applicable web address
It is not a requirement that you have a website for your Study Groups however it is advisable that you provide at least one page online of information about your Study Group so that any interested potential students can see a little about your Study Group

•    Any upgrade in Clergy status must be reported to the Witan Herald
Accurate information about your clergy status is required for the records and for updates for the Correllian.com web site.

If yours is a ‘Teaching Study Group’ then you are required to keep good and accurate records of each of your student’s tests and grades and supply a recommendation for their Clergy applications.

Discussion Study Groups by their nature are not required to supply transcripts or recommendations.

•    Keep membership to the Witan Herald’s Court e-group and the Study Group e-group

i.    The Witan Herald’s Court group is an announcement only e-group for all Tradition members with Certificate of Recognition or Charter. All Tradition announcements are sent through the Witan Herald’s Court e-group.

ii.     The Study Group e-group is for all Keepers of Correllian Study Groups and this is where you can meet other Keepers and ask questions if you need help.

iii.    There are a number of Facebook and Correllian Ning groups you may join.

Please keep everything as up to date as possible.
Send all updates regarding your Shrine and you to: witanherald@gmail.com


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