Council of Elders

The Correllian Council of Elders (CCE) is an advisory body made up of the Officers of the Correllian Tradition as listed above, as well as other members chosen from among highly respected members of the Tradition. The Council of Elders might be described as the “cabinet” of the Tradition, being a council whose non-binding opinion is solicited to help shape national policy. The Correllian Council of Elders may be convened at the discretion of either of Joint Heads of Tradition, but is chaired by the First Priestess.

The principle purpose of the Correllian Council of Elders, besides advising on matters of national policy, is to oversee the succession to the offices of the Joint heads of Tradition and the Chancellor of the Church.

Although the primary title of the members of the Correllian Council of Elders is “Elder” they are considered to hold the rank of Arch Priesthood.

Membership on Correllian Council of Elders requires nomination by the Council of Elders or one of the Officers of Tradition, and confirmation by the Tradition Heads


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