Lustration of the Ancestors
The Lustration of the Ancestors is held each Spring, usually in March or April.

Lustration of the Living
The Lustration of the Living is held each Fall, usually usually on the first weekend of September.


The Correllian Lustration ceremonies originated as ceremonies of Purification and Blessing performed by members of the High-Correll family. These ceremonies were much simpler and less formal than the modern Correllian Lustration, focusing primarily upon the Oracle of the Ancestors.

At the turn of the new century the Correllian Lustration ceremonies were converted into twice-yearly formal ceremonies having the character of a Correllian Festival.

The Lustration is sometimes also referred to as the “Elustration” or the “Illustration” ceremony, particularly by members of the Bitterwind lineage.

The Lustration ceremonies were first held in Vermilion County, Illinois, where Correllianism originates. Today however the Lustration of the Ancestors held in the Spring, is hosted by a Correllian Temple each year, while the Lustration of the Living, held in the Fall, remains in Vermilion County. In this way the Tradition continues to honor its origins as well as its increasing diversity.

Most Correllian ceremonies do not feature detailed "scripts". The Lustrations are a notable exception to this rule, because participants in the ceremony come from many differing geographic areas and often have had no opportunity to practice beforehand.

None-the-less the script is regarded as a guideline, and the actual ceremony often diverges from it. The script as presented represents an ideal ceremony. Not every step seen in the script will be used in every Lustration, as each ceremony has a strongly individual flavor.

If you would like the script of the Lustration Ritual please email for a copy


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