Lustration Reports

All Chartered bodies of the Correllian Nativist Tradition must submit an annual Lustration report at the Lustration of the Ancestors in Spring. 

Each report is displayed for access to anyone who attends each Lustration and wishes to read them.

The following Chartered bodies are required to submit reports to the Witan Herald by the 1st of April.

Proto Temples
Witan Shrines
Formal Shrines*

Stand alone Formal Shrines are those not under the imperium of a Temple and
must submit reports themselves.

Formal Shrines that are Distance Shrines of Temples must submit their reports to
the Temple whose imperium they are under so that the Temple can include the
reports in their own reports.

If a Chartered Body fails to submit a report then they are issued with a warning notice if they continue to fail to submit reports they will have there Charters removed.  There are no exceptions.


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