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Orders Explained

An Order is an association dedicated to the study or practice of a particular subject, such as ecology, healing, music, etc. 

An Order commonly has a single Head who is responsible for organizing and facilitating it, who is called an Order Head.  The Order Head is also established by Charter from the Tradition. The Order Head may be of any Degree appropriate to the Order’s subject, as defined by the Tradition.

Although regarded as an independent body, an Order is formed by a Charter from the Tradition, which may only be granted by the Heads of Tradition through the office of the Chancellor. An Order may be formed around any subject of interest.

For an application form for a Chartered Order please email the Witan Herald witanherald@gmail.com 

Once you have completed your application form for an Order send it with a covering email explaining why you wish to be accepted for Charter for a Correllian Order to Lord Don, donlewishp@aol.com You are asked to include with your application form a copy of your Clergy Certificate.

When your application is accepted you will receive a notification of acceptance from Lord Don and then you will be sent a Charter from the Witan Herald.  Your Order will also be listed on the Order page on Correllian.com.
Requirements for Chartered Bodies - Orders

When your Order is recognised by the Correllian Tradition and you are issued with a Charter you are required by your Charter recognition to fulfil the following:

•    Send in an Annual Lustration Report
 You will be reminded nearer the time this is due, the deadline for submission is the 1st April each year. Reports not received by the deadline will be deemed as not being received.

•    Keep a working email that you can be contacted on
If you update your email at any time you must inform the Witan Herald

•    Supply an applicable web address
It is not a requirement that you have a website for your chartered body however it is advisable that you provide at least one page online of information about your chartered body so that any interested parties can see a little about your Order

•    Any upgrade in Clergy status must be reported to the Witan Herald
Accurate information about your clergy status is required for the records and for updates for the Correllian.com web site.

•    Supply sigils for the Charter and for the listings on Correllian.com

•    Keep membership to the Witan Herald’s Court e-group and the Correllian Order e-group

i. The Witan Herald’s Court group is an announcement only group for all Tradition members with a Shrine Certificate or Shrine/Order/Temple Charter. All Tradition announcements are sent through the Witan Herald’s Court group including reminders for Lustration Report submissions.
ii. The Correllian Order e-group is for all Order Keepers and Heads and this is where you can meet other Keepers and Heads and ask questions if you need help.
iii. There are a number of groups on Facebook and Correllian Ning that you may join.

•    Keep good records of your membership, you will be required to list your members in the Annual Lustration Report.
Please keep everything as up to date as possible.


The Correllian Tradition strongly favors the development of Contemplative orders focused on meditation and self-development. These orders may be based upon temporary or longer-term retirement from the mundane world. We believe it is important for people to be able to get away from the pressures of the world for spiritual retreat and re-creation. We feel that an ideal period for such spiritual retreat for most people would be from a few days to a few weeks.

To this end we desire to found one or more Contemplative Houses to provide for this need. These Contemplative Houses would be available to members of the Correllian Tradition for spiritual retreats whenever needed. In addition they could sponsor classes and workshops for Tradition members as well as the general public.

To apply for an Order please email the Witan Herald: witanherald@gmail.com



Recognition of extreme accomplishment

Membership in the Meritorious Orders is given to honor people who have distinguished themselves by exceptional acts of service to the Tradition, to Paganism as a whole, or to the world.

Meritorious Orders which are awarded twice yearly at the Lustrations, to recognize the work and achievements which keep our Tradition running on a daily basis.

The Order of Orpheus
The Order of the Round Table
the Order of Tsalv

The above orders are awarded rarely and for extreme accomplishment.


Orders which are awarded twice yearly at the Lustrations, to recognize the work and achievements which keep our Tradition running on a daily basis.

The Order of the Copper Athame
The Order of the Golden Wand
The Order of the Silver Chalice
The Order of the Iron Pentacle
The Order of the Thurible
Meritorious Orders and Award Orders are awarded through the awards committee.


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