Symbols Sigils and Stoles

Correll Mother Temple Sigil

The symbol of the Correll Mother Temple is the Serpent of Prophecy, shown on a red ground for ordinary occasions betokening strength and vitality. The symbol emphasizes the extreme importance of Oracular work to the Mother Temple.
The Correllium

The Correllium, the sigil of the Correllian Tradition as a whole. All Outer Court Members as well as all Clergy are allowed to wear the Correllium as a symbol of their membership in the Tradition. The Correllium goes on the left side of the stole, because it represents something that one belongs to as opposed to something one has done.
Outer Court Sigil

Worn by members of the Outer Court who have not become members of Clergy.

Degree Sigils
First Degree
Second Degree
Third Degree

         Temple Head Sigil
           Elders Sigil

Cords and Knots
First Degree

Colour: White, representing the Mother Goddess

Knots: Three / One at each end and one at the centre. 
These knots represent Truth, Freedom, and Service.

Second Degree
Colour: Black, representing the Crone Goddess

Knots: Five / Two at each end, one at centre.
These knots represent Knowledge, Discretion, Honour, Courage, and Modesty.

Third Degree
Colour: Red, representing the Maiden Goddess and Outer Court
Knots: Seven / three at each end and one at centre.
These knots represent Justice, Compassion, Generosity, Wisdom, Foresight, Practicality, and Prudence.

The Stole

The Stole worn by Outer Court Members of the Tradition is green.

The Stole worn by Clerical Dedicants, that is those who are studying to become Priesthood, is white

The Stole worn by the Tradition's Clergy is purple

The Stole worn by Priesthood whose Degree is Honorary is lavender

Booklet containing all information about Correllian Regalia

Witan Herald and Correllian Nativists Tradition