Temple Head,
                                   Joint Head

     Temple Head.

Each Correllian Temple shall have a single Head of Temple created by charter of the Tradition.

Ordinarily the Head of Temple shall be the Chief Priestess of the Temple, or the Chief Priest. At the discretion of the Tradition however the Headship of a Temple may be held by its Chief Director.

The Temple Head is responsible for the day to day running of the Temple, and also represents the Temple to the Tradition.

Each Temple head in the Tradition shall have a seat upon the Witan Council, when it shall occasion to be convened.

The founding Head of Temple is responsible for the creation of the Temples initial Board of Directors.

A chartered Temple Head may only be removed by the Tradition’s revocation of the charter. Ordinarily the office of Head of Temple is limited to members of the Third Degree, or High Priesthood: however in the founding of a Temple, or in other circumstances as shall please the Correllian Tradition to so charter, a person of any standing may serve as Temple Head provided they are under the imperium of a Third Degree Sponsor who shall have responsibility for their conduct in office.

In the expected event that such a one later attains the Third Degree of Clergy, all initiations conducted by them shall be considered to count under their lineage. If however such a one does not in time attain to the Third Degree, their initiates may count their lineage from the Sponsor.

Co-Head of Temple.

The Head of Temple may name a Co-Head of Temple to assist in the daily running of the Temple.

The Co-Head of Temple shall be considered to have equal dignity with the Head of Temple, but is not protected by charter of the Tradition.

Ordinarily the Head and Co-Head of a Temple shall be its Chief Priestess and Chief Priest (or vice versa). In meetings of the Witan Council the Head and Co-Head of the Temple may both attend, but the Temple may have only one vote.


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