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Correllian Temples are be established by charter, which may only be granted by the Heads of the Correllian Tradition through the Chancellor. Though any Temple may include Correllian ideas or even Correllian clergy, only a Temple chartered by the Correllian Tradition can be considered a true Correllian Temple.

Customarily Correllian Temples are established under a chartered Temple Head and a Board of Directors. The Head of Temple is responsible for the day to day running of the Temple. The Temple’s Chief Director, who may or may not be the same person as the Temple Head, is responsible to the Correllian Tradition for all required legal paperwork.

Temple Heads are established by charter. The first Head of a given Temple is considered the Founding Head of Temple. Subsequent Heads of Temple may be nominated by their predecessor or by the Temple’s Board of Directors, but must be recognized by charter of the Tradition before being considered to be fully seated. Moreover, to be fully seated a Head of Temple must be a member of the High Priesthood, or Third Degree of Clergy.

Temple Heads may be chartered from outside the High Priesthood at the discretion of the Chancellor, but are considered to be Acting Temple Heads under the imperium of a Third Degree Sponsor until such time as they themselves achieve the status Third Degree Priesthood, when they can be considered fully seated. When an Acting Temple Head achieves Third Degree status all initiations which they have performed in the pursuance of their office shall be considered part of their lineage. If an Acting Temple Head never achieves Third Degree status, initiations they have performed shall trace through the lineage of their Sponsor.

All fully seated Heads of Correllian Temples have a seat on the Witan Council, hence the name. Acting Heads of Temple may attend and address meetings of the Witan, but do not have a vote on the Council until they are fully seated.

Correllian Temples are expected to conform to the basic tenets of Correllianism, but are given great leeway in the actual running of the Temple.

The imperium of a Temple includes;

      • Accepting registration of new Outer Court Members and forwarding the applications on to the appropriate Priesthood for processing.
      • The right to formally teach Clerical and other classes in the Tradition's name.
      • Initiation of new Clergy under the Temple Heads 3rd Degree Imperium..
      • Conducting formal ceremonies in the Tradition's name.
      • Representation by the Fully Seated* Head of Temple in the Witan Council.
  • The right to speak on behalf of the Tradition in matters of established policy

* a Fully Seated Head of Temple is a 3rd Degree member of the High Priesthood. 

Temples Explained

The starting point of a Temple is to apply for a Witan Shrine. If you are not yet 18 years of age or a member of at least the 1st Degree of Clergy then you cannot apply for a Witan Shrine. Witan Shrines must be under the imperium of a member of the High Priesthood.  If you are not a member of the High Priesthood then you will be either placed under the imperium of Lord Don or you may request to be under the imperium of another member of the High Priesthood but please ask their permission first.

For applications please email the Witan Herald witanherald@gmail.com

Once you have completed your application form for a Witan Shrine send it with a covering email explaining why you wish to be accepted for Charter for a Witan Shrine to Lord Don, donlewishp@aol.com You are asked to include with your application form a copy of your Clergy Certificate.

When your application is accepted you will receive a notification of acceptance from Lord Don and then you will be sent a Charter from the Witan Herald.  Your Witan Shrine will also be listed on the Witan Shrine page on Correllian.com and you will also be listed in the Witan Gallery on the Witan Council page on Correllian.com. You will not be eligible to vote on the Witan Council until you are of High Priesthood status and your Charter is Formalised (Temple status).

A Witan Shrine is the first year of a Temple in training and must be of good standing and in existence for at least one year before it can apply for Deeming to a Proto-Temple. It is not automatically accepted for Deeming/upgrade and sometimes a Witan Shrine will need to be in training a little longer, this is at the discretion of the First Priest,  Grand Deemstress  and Deeming Council, whether or not a Witan Shrine is ready for upgrade.

A Proto-Temple is the next step in the Temple making process and is a Temple in its second year of training.  A Proto-Temple must also be in existence for a further year or more and be in good standing before it is eligible to request Deeming to full Temple status. Sometimes a Proto-Temple will need to be in training a little longer, this is at the discretion of the First Priest and Grand Deemstress and Deeming Council, whether or not a Proto-Temple is ready to have its Charter Formalized.

If a Witan Shrine or Proto-Temple wishes to apply for Deeming the Keeper must apply to the Grand Deemstress Rev. Angela Munn HP admunn@bellsouth.net

Witan Shrines, Proto-Temples and Temples must submit a Lustration Report annually. Lustration Reports are required for submission by the 1st of April each year and are sent to the Witan Herald witanherald@gmail.com

Requirements for Chartered Bodies - Witan Shrines Proto-Temples Temples

When your Witan Shrine is recognised by the Correllian Tradition and you are issued with a Charter, or your Witan Shrine or Proto Temple is upgraded you are required by your Charter recognition to fulfil the following:

•    Send in an Annual Lustration Report
 You will be reminded nearer the time this is due, the deadline for submission is the 1st April each year. All reports not received by the deadline will be deemed as not being received.

•    Keep a working email that you can be contacted on
If you update your email at any time you must inform the Witan Herald

•    Supply an applicable web address
It is not a requirement that you have a website for your chartered body however it is advisable that you provide at least one page online of information about your chartered body so that any interested parties can see a little about your Witan Shrine/Proto-Temple/Temple

•    Any upgrade in Clergy status must be reported to the Witan Herald
Accurate information about your clergy status is required for the records and for updates for the Correllian.com web site.

•    Supply sigils for the Charter and Correllian.com
As well as the sigil for your Chartered body please also supply information on any other sigil you are entitled to

•    A recent photo for the Witan Gallery
This is not a requirement if you wish to remain incognito

•    Keep membership to the Witan Herald’s Court group and the Correllian Temple group

i. The Witan Herald’s Court group is an announcement only e-group for all Tradition members with a Shrine Certificate or Shrine/Order/Temple Charter. All Tradition announcements are sent through the Witan Herald’s Court e-group including reminders for Lustration Report submissions.
ii. The Correllian Temple e-group is for all Witan Shrine/Proto-Temple/Temple Keepers and Heads and this is where you can meet other Keepers and Heads and ask questions if you need help.
iii. There are also a number of groups on Facebook and Correllian Ning that you may be invited to join.

•    Keep good records of your membership, you will be required to list your members in the Annual Lustration Report.

Please keep everything as up to date as possible. Send all updates regarding your Chartered Body and you to: witanherald@gmail.com


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