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The Witan Council is made up of the Heads of all Correllian Temples, members of the Correllian Council of Elders, and the Officers and Heads of the Correllian Tradition. Only fully seated Temple Heads are considered members of the Witan Council, though Acting Temple Heads may attend and address the Council. The First Priest acts as chairperson of the Witan Council.

The Witan Council is an advisory body which may be convened as needed to advise on matters of Tradition policy. However, the principle duty of the Witan Council is to confirm or deny the succession to the offices of First priestess and First Priest.

In the event of the death of either of the Joint Heads of Tradition, there shall follow one year of formal mourning. It is the duty of the First Elder to maintain a record of the current Designated Heir of each Tradition Head, but to keep this knowledge secret until the Tradition Head’s death. During the year of mourning the vacant office of the deceased Tradition Head shall be filled by the Designated Heir, who shall act as Regent. At the end of the year of mourning the Witan Council shall be convened to accept or reject the Regent as successor.

At the time of the vote, a statement prepared by the deceased Tradition Head regarding the qualifications of the Regent shall be presented to the Witan, provided such a prepared statement exists. The surviving Tradition Head and each Officer of Tradition shall also address the Witan with their assessments of the Regent’s worthiness to succeed. The Witan may then debate the matter if it shall so choose. Finally the Regent shall be given a chance to address the Witan. The Witan may then vote to accept or reject, with a two-thirds majority being required to reject.

In the event that the Witan accepts the Regent, the Regent shall now succeed to the office of Joint Head of Tradition. The Heads of Tradition shall then be free to decide which shall fill the office of Chancellor.

In the event that the Witan shall reject the Regent as Successor, it shall be the duty of the Council of Elders to select two other candidates for the office. These two new candidates shall then stand with the Regent for a second vote of the Witan. This vote shall be preceded by a debate of the Witan, exploring the reasons behind the initial rejection of the Regent as well as the qualifications of the new candidates. Then the Witan may vote, with a two-thirds majority required to elect any of the three candidates. The debate and vote may be repeated as many times as shall be necessary to achieve the said two-thirds majority. The person thus elected shall fill the vacant office.


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